Hypnotized Guys

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Facebook Slaves.

Watch out straight male hotties. You might find your facebook hacked and your life given over to slavedom.

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Naughty Student Portraits.

The ninth, tenth, eleventh, and 12th grade males at CHS find themselves entrance and posing nude for their student portraits. The funny thing is. It’s only day 3, why student portraits so early? A master hypnotist is at foot here!

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Street Hypnosis

A technopath strikes again and this time the prey is a real hunk.

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Anal Skater Slave

Rex might be a pro skateboarder, but to you he’s your slave and you need him to bend over that table right now.

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pretty flash

hmm what should i do with these pretty guys 

— 1 week ago
Hunter’s Roommate.

Late at night Hunter awakes to find himself met face to face with his roommate and a nefarious plan to change the stud’s mind forever. 

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Spiked Beach Drink.

Every Spring break local native Michael picks one boy to give his favorite hypnotic powder added to their food or alcohol. Each boy may come for spring break, but they never leave. This year’s catch is particularly fool of attitude and Michael is happy to have him added to the collection.

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Tag Football Orgy

A gay nerd tests his new hypnotic pointer on a group of frat boys playing tag football. Suddenly the hot studs want to play with different balls instead.

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Little Brother Knows Best

Derek’s little brother gave him a very special birthday gift. Slavedom.

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