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sketch gift for jackraikov

just posting this for gallery filler. i have started working on lining this but its not finished yet

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Bieber Beware!

So my obligatory Bieber hypnotized picture is here!  I really cannot stand the guy, but I have to admit he’s cute (deplorable and spoiled rotten, but cute).  Maybe a little hypnosis will straighten him out, eh?  I tried to take a “less-is-more” approach with this one and I actually really like the results.  Just enough blurring, coloration, and highlighting around the eyes to give it the sense that something is off, but it’s not overdone.  Enjoy and please comment!

— 1 week ago
Tennyson in a Trance

I love me some Ben Tennyson.  There is a criminal lack of him being hypnotized throughout the various series.  I am currently hunting for an attorney so that I may file a lawsuit against Cartoon Network to force them to redress this serious oversight…

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Finn Hudson Hypnotized 3

"SLEEP!"  A combination of pleasure and exhaustion fled throughout Finn’s body.  His head went limp to his shoulder, and he began to collapse.  His Master, caught him, and stood him up.  "Now, your whole body legs and all will go stiff.  You will support yourself, but remain in deep sleep."  Finn straightened up his muscles tightening.  His head remained limp, and was deep in a state of hypnosis.  "Now Finn, I want you to imagine those beautiful spirals.  As you see them again you go deeper and deeper and deeper.  The master ran his fingers up and down Finn’s torso.  "Really gorgeous…real hot."  The master said smiling.

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Finn Hudson Hypnotized Part 2

So beautiful…Everything was so beautiful.  He couldn’t see what was going on, he could only listen and obey.  His master tore his shirt off, and pulled down his pants.  Normally he would be uncomfortable, but his master soothed him.  His master began to rub his hand over his pecs and nipples.  Finn tensed up, but calmed down at command.  The master then ran his hands down Finn’s side a drew him close.  With his face inches away from Finn, he uttered the words that would make Finn completely his.

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Finn Hudson Hypnotized

(I mean no disrespect to Mr. Monteith at all.  He’s one of my favorite actors, and still saddened by his passing.  I just can’t watch Glee anymore without him.  Out of respect I won’t use his name as the title of this photo.)  

Finn was practicing in the auditorium when he noticed someone sitting in the back of the house watching him. “Hey!  Who are you?  What are you doing here!?”  The hooded figure rose from his seat and walked toward Finn.  He was about to run when the figure took off his hood to reveal his eyes, reflecting two pretty blue spirals.  ”Hey whauuh…”  Finn’s eyes shrank to pinpricks and began to reflect that of the figure’s eyes.  ”No…I have to fight it…” Finn whispered, barely.  ”Shh, don’t speak.”  The figure said.  Finn obeyed, but still struggled to maintain control.  His jaw loosened, as he finally gave in.  ”Hmm, gorgeous face.”  The figure said.  He began to stroke Finn’s cheek.  ”Yes, very gorgeous.”

To be continued…(possibly)

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The Glurks Takeover

Humanity should be anxious because they’re coming…

Photomanip available on my blog Hypnomale too!

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