Hypnotized Guys

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Ring Possession

The ring takes possession of its owner and more…

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See how wonderful it is to share your fun with everyone?

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Inviting friends to a party is always fun.

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Matt Bomer Hypnotized

It had been a relaxing trip from Matt and his partner and it was another night of winding down when the strange bell hop with the pretty pendant showed up to deliver their room service. A pendant that Matt soon found himself very enchanted with.

— 2 weeks ago
Hunks of Gaming: Chris Redfield

All those years of fighting zombies and monster Chris Redfield had never imagined it’d be a technopath that would LITERALLY bring the BSAA to it’s knees. At least the men that is. As the buff officer felt his cock stiffen in his boxers. He knew that he two was a zombie, but the only flesh he hungered for was dick.

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