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The snake and the prefect 1

I recently discovered I have a fictional thing for hypnosis and snakes. oops.
this is the beggining of a brief series of pictures im working on. and possibly a fanfic ill try to write when i feel confident enough about myself.
(future pictures will contain vore and the like)

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Kaa hypnotizing Jasmine and Aladdin Rquest

This was a request from , sorry it’s taken a while to get around to.

I’ve ruined my drawing a day streak with this one since I just couldn’t concentrate yesterday. I back tracked on the idea of Aladdin being a lot more resistant to the hypnosis and not being too keen on having a foot in the face, I reckon that would have worked a whole lot better.
Well I made this instead, Aladdin digs this

See what could have been:

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C: Couples Cuddles

With a sigh and a grin, Kenneth leaned his body back against his tree trunk and settled himself comfortably, his arms behind his head. “Now, I’m sure you two have quite a lot to say to each other….but why talk when you can solve your problems with snuggles?” Kenneth smiled smugly. He looped a coil around Kylal’s waist and gently nudged him into place almost directly on top of Graes, then rearranged his coils around the two of them, their bodies pressing snugly against each other while Kenneth’s scales brushed against them both. “There,” Kenneth lilted, pleased with his handiwork. “Hope you two are comfy.” He chuckled, his coils squeezing them gently. 

"Solve our problems… with snuggles…" Kylal giggled, almost childishly, as he thought about how much he loved to snuggle with Graes.  He’d snuggled his beau whenever he had a chance.  All day, all night.  All snuggles.
“Yeah, Ky… And Kenneth’s snuggled are the best,” Graes chimed in, smiling fuzzily at his love through his dreamy state.

Soon enough the two lovers were laying as one, being rolled and coiled until they were in perfectly snuggling position.  Kylal’s tail waved excitedly for a moment before finally just coiling around the thick branch.  Graes and Kylal wrapped their arms around each other and hugged tightly, rubbing noses, as Kenneth gave them friendly squeezes.  

"We’re comfy Kenny/Kenneth," they both replied and snuggled as close as they could, letting the coils squeeze as tightly as possible.  Soon there was no space between them, Kylal’s thinner frame fitting perfectly into Graes’s more muscular body.  They began kissing, something Kenneth surely expected, and then they began grinding their arousals together, something their host may not have expected.

Kenneth’s expression became one of amused bewilderment as his ‘victims’ began to moan pleasurably and grind against each other. “Oops,” Kenneth chuckled, his face flushed a bit with mild embarrassment. “Ah, well, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.” He shrugged and shook his head with a laugh. “Guess you guys want some privacy, huh~?” His coils draped over their bodies, cocooning them until they were completely immersed in coils and hidden from sight. Their moans and sighs could still be heard within, albeit muffled. Kenneth rolled onto his stomach with a yawn and stretched luxuriously. “Aaaahhhh, well, congrats on a job well done, Kenneth,” he said to himself with a mischievous grin. He decided to take a short nap, the pleasured sounds of Kylal and Graes lulling him nicely.

Commissioned by .

So it seems that, after a rather heated argument, Kylal and Graes have found themselves under Naga!Kenneth’s hypnosis, and are enjoying themselves in his comfalicious coils…quite a bit. XDD 

Kylal (c) AionK23

Graes (c) babeandandy

Naga!Kenneth (c) Me

Story blurb by me and babeandandy

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Hunk 3

Not even the locker rooms are safe

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Hunk Controled

You shouldn’t go in the mysterious woods alone.

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